Leadership development training for School Governors and Academy Trustees

Govern Ed deliver leadership development training for School Governors and Academy Trustees in England. Our programmes are led by experienced National Leaders of Governance, who have strong track records and real life school governance experience.

Strong governance helps schools and their students thrive - providing a clear strategic direction, rigorously holding leaders to account for educational outcomes and ensuring effective financial oversight on behalf of taxpayers.

Governors and Trustees are the country's biggest group of volunteers and they deserve support, training and development to ensure they are fulfilling their role to the best of their ability and in line with the expectations of the Competency Framework for Governance.

Why choose Govern Ed for your Board's development?

✓ High quality training to help Governors and Trustees improve governance in their school or Multi-Academy Trust
✓ Learn as part of a cohort, allowing you to meet and work with other Governors and Trustees
✓ Attend webinars facilitated by experienced National Leaders of Governance
✓ Support for more than just the Chair, allowing more members of your Board to benefit
✓ It's free for your Board and fully funded by the Department for Education for up to two places per Board

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